Online advertising campaign for streetfood Soupculture

The waste-free streetfood Soupculture has already visited the streets of the Old Town in Bratislava. Based on the recommendation, the business owners turned to us to create an online advertising campaign. Since this streetfood was not so well known in Bratislava, in the first phase we decided to create an informational advertisement for the purpose of creating brand awareness. The second phase was about convincing. Following that, we involved selected influencers and created an online competition. In this collaboration, we had the opportunity to make full use of our creativity and, thanks to that, create a functioning campaign, after which positive results were achieved almost immediately.

As part of the campaign, we used social media, influencers, competitions and offline marketing in our promotion. During the cooperation, we also focused on creating the content for social networks as well as additional client requirements, such as creating an outdoor table, etc.