Educo is a concept we created for the bookshop “af tRNAVA” TO MAKE IT UNIQUE AND BRING A NEW BREATH IN ITS LIFE.

When we started working with AF Trnava, it was a “traditional” bookstore that was hardly getting by. We wanted to help them to differentiate from the market and create something unique in a marvelous city of Trnava. That is how the concept: “Study, educate, work” has appeared.

The whole idea of the project was to drastically change the whole structure of the existing brand. It was quite radical, but since the bookstore itself wasnt very profitable, it was necessary to take some risks. We analyzed the competition on the market, the audience and its requirements, the assortment of books they had and come to a conclusion, that, with the given environment, we can create not just an updated bookstore, but a coworking, and a community of people who want to grow and educate themselves in their fields of interest. Unfortunately, the bookstore was closed few years ago due to various problems without applying the given project.