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CALL FOR BRAND is a studio focused on the creation of brands and their long-term maintenance.
We combine a passion for design with marketing and technology to
create thoughtful solutions that will serve our clients for a long time.

Founder &
art director

Kristína has been involved in graphic design, photography and creativity for more than 10 years. For years she has been creating visual brand identities, packaging and offline graphics. In addition to graphic creativity, she is also into photography. She won several awards in the prestigious Slovak AMFO competition, placed first several times. Her photographs were exhibited in the SNP Museum or at the NOC in Bratislava. She currently uses her rich experience in the field of advertising graphics in her own creative studio, where she and her team work on creative projects. You will always meet Kristi with a good mood and a coffee in hand.

marketing specialist & Visual creator

Janči first began his professional route in the field of film and the creation of audiovisual works at the film school. During this period, he won several leading awards for camera and directing at amateur film competitions. He has created dozens of promo videos, spots and event videos. After graduating from marketing college, he is currently involved in creating advertising campaigns. Marketing and CFB are already the center of the universe for him. Janči can play on the team’s nerves, especially if he mentions deadlines.

Strategic Director & Brand development manager

Andrii is our very responsible, perfectionistic, graduate marketer, who is developing at a rocket speed in several areas and cannot stop. In our team, he is the brain of strategy. He deals with the tasks of building and developing brands, including the creation and application of overall strategies for individual campaigns, as well as advertisement management. Andrii is very fond of intercultural, non-verbal communication and knows 5 foreign languages, and the list is developing.
El. Psy. Congroo.

Online marketing specialist & bottom wave manager

Marek’s alpha omega is visual creation and online marketing. Marek is a skilled educated marketer. The fact that he knows two areas gives him some bonus points and advantage because he knows that even a perfectly processed video will not spread on its own. He knows Photoshop and After Effects like his own palm and does not need a map in the online space.


<h1>Hello World!</h1>
Katka is originally a graphic designer, but currently she devotes all her time to creating websites in CMS WordPress, customizing them and making sure that the websites are not only nice but also functional. She focuses on the front end, where she constantly develops her knowledge. And if there is free time left, she`ll fill it by creating vector illustrations.

graphic designer

Aďka successfully graduated from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava in the field of design. In her studio work, she focused mainly on creating visionary concepts for brands. In our team, she specializes on advertisement graphic design and the creation of digital content for social networks. Aďka can be proud of her bachelor’s thesis, with which she received the Cheddar school award. In her free time, Aďka devotes herself to growing plants and creating illustrated books.

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